Are you happy with your finances? 
Do you feel stuck and hopeless knowing you want more but not sure how to get there?
Does fear paralyze you from spending on yourself and investing in yourself?
Are you working hard without seeing financial results?
Tired and frustrated in your current situation and feel like you never get ahead financially?
Feel like you’d be further in life by now?
Disappointed in the lifestyle you’re currently living?
Not sure how to go from debt to abundance?
Feeling uninspired to take action or not sure what action to take?

What if I told you there was another way?  An easier way!

You have manifested this moment! You set the intention to improve your life, and this is the universe handing it to you on a silver platter!
Manifesting is so easy! But as human beings we tend to complicate things. F that! I’m here to teach you exactly how to manifest everything you want in life in the simplest way possible.
No fluff. No BS. Just the EXACT strategies I’ve used to manifest a life I don’t need a vacation from.
I have manifested so many things over the years – houses, cars, money, opportunities but it wasn’t until last year that I manifested the thing that would change my entire life in the best possible way.
Want to know what it was?


Freedom from the 9-5 corporate hell I was living in.
Freedom from my toxic boss.
Freedom from being reminded every day that I was replaceable.
Freedom from living for the weekends and my vacation days.
Freedom from waiting until retirement to start truly living.
Financial freedom.
Freedom to do what I love and wake up every day feeling grateful and excited.
I realized that all those material things I have manifested over the years were great, but it was never about the money. It was about the freedom.
I know without a doubt that if I could find my purpose and achieve this then so can you and anyone else who really wants it.

Who is Stephanie Keith?

At this point, you might be wondering why you should be listening to me? Let me start from the top.
Ten years ago, I was sitting in my 900 sq ft 100-year old home in a town with a population of 1,000 people. I remember looking at my newborn daughter and wanting to give her the best life possible.
But I felt stuck. I had no idea how to do that. It was hopeless. My husband lost his job and had no degree to fall back on and we lived in the middle of nowhere with few opportunities.
Then a book changed my life in so many incredible ways. It introduced me to the Law of Attraction.

Within 3 months, we were living in our dream home in the best school district with $30,000 cash that we manifested! And that was just the tip of the iceburg…

Why was I able to manifest so effortlessly over and over again while the majority of people struggle to manifest anything?
I simplified it. I intuitively knew the shortcuts and how to avoid the common barriers that hold 99% of people back. 
I didn’t turn it into a complex process like so many do. I lived it. I fully embodied it. 
You can read every book and know everything about the law of attraction, but if you’re not a vibrational match for what you want, you won’t attract it no matter what knowledge you have. 
It’s all about the energy and frequency. I will teach you how to tap into it and become a magnet for what you want.
Your intuition led you here for a reason. If you’ve made it this far down the page, you’re interested, and your heart is probably screaming HELL YES! THIS IS IT! But your mind is probably conjuring up some major limiting beliefs giving you every reason why this is a scam and won’t work for you.
How do I know this? Well, I’m not a mind reader, but I have been in your shoes and know exactly how it feels. It took me 3 years to invest in myself. I kept telling myself I could figure it all out on my own. And I did figure a lot out on my own.


It wasn’t until I really invested in myself that I actually took a MASSIVE QUANTUM LEAP. It’s when I went BIG! It’s when the life changing magic came pouring into my life.
Because it was a signal to the universe that I was ready and had unwavering belief in the universe to deliver in a BIG way.
The power within you is strong.
The truth is you are manifesting all of the time.
But since you’ve been unaware of this power within you, you’ve been running on autopilot letting others decide your life for you.
But that all changes today.
I will teach you how to tap into your true potential.

The universe has been giving you gentle nudges. You’ve been seeing signs. Your gut is telling you this is your time to shine. To take action. To open yourself to the infinite possibilities. To believe.

Remember, I’m not special in anyway. I wasn’t lucky. I didn’t get a headstart. I was as mediocre as they came. I used to wake up in the morning physically sick to my stomach because I dreaded the day so much. Never would I have guessed I’d be in the place I am today waking up filled with joy and excitement at the day ahead. 
I used to spend all week waiting for Friday at 5pm. I’d enjoy the day on Saturday and then spend all day Sunday dreading Monday. Now I’m going to the beach in the middle of the day on Tuesday, working a few hours a week on my phone and making more income than I ever thought I could make.

Trust me when I say, if I can do it, so can you!

Hang around me and I’ll show you that miracles do happen. Magic does exist. Your wildest dreams can become reality. 
Life doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. 
You deserve to have everything you want in this life. Life is so short and precious and should be enjoyed fully. 
You deserve to be happy and feel fulfilled. You deserve massive abundance.
You deserve to live in the highest version of yourself where every area of your life feels blissful.
And it’s my job to get you there.

Here’s what to expect:

The Abundance is Spiritual Bundle is a compilation of EVERYTHING I’ve used to successful manifest my BIGGEST goals like $100,000 in one month, buying 2 dream homes, building a business and leaving my corporate job, and creating financial freedom

This Bundle Includes:
4 Courses
  1. Abundance is Spiritual
  2. From Lack to Abundance: A 21-Day Money Mindset Makeover
  3. Manifestation & Mindset Total Immersion 
  4. 14-Day Manifesting Challenge
What you get:
  • 3 course with over 8 hours of video modules
  • 4 workbooks filled with journal prompts
  • Law of Attraction Planner (printable PDF)
  • From Lack to Abundance e-book
  • 12 Law of Attraction Worksheets
Spiritual Toolbox including:
  • 2 Moon Manifestation Rituals
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Vision Board Printables
  • Abundance Affirmations Audio tuned to high frequency
  • Health Affirmations Audio tuned to healing frequencies

*Since this is a bundle, the Live Q&A sessions and Live Mastermind is not available. Due to the digital nature of the product, there are no refunds.

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